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Adopted Dogs

Iggy Found His Forever Home!
This handsome boy has joined his forever home with Jen and Andre Dawson. It was love at first sight and he is happily enjoying retirement with his fur "sister" Tia. 

BRG KeepTheFaith "Faith"
Bo Cromer has made it official! Faith is now happily living her life of retirement with Bo and her greyhound "brother" Track. Enjoy your forever home Faith!


Beretta Found Her Forever Home!
After an amazing racing career, Beretta retired and was quickly adopted by Brenda & Scott Thixton. Beretta quickly raced into their hearts and on to their couch. Congratulations to all!

Tmoney Tanner - "Zepp"
They did it again! Zepp was adopted by Beretta (and Scott and Brenda) and the two have become best friends!

GLS Piggy Back nka Loki 

Congratulations GLS Piggyback (Loki). You have two other Greyhounds and a huge backyard to have zoomie competitions. Enjoy retirement with Theresa Merkel. FOSTER FAIL!

Riddick Gotcha Day 2.jpg

Slatex Riddick 

A perfect match! Congratulations and let the memories begin!



It's official Eyespy is being adopted by her foster family. Congratulations Eyespy.

KB's Mr Expedia
Expedia , it's off to your forever couch
you go! Happy Gotcha Day

Pile It On - Pie!

All she needed was her forever home to bring out her happy and silly personality! Congratulations to all!


Happy Gotcha Day Toes!

Enjoy your Forever Home!

Gotcha day Smokey.jpg


has joined his forever home with another handsome black boy to keep him company. Welcome home!

Wasp Gotcha.jpeg


Wasp buzzed into the hearts of her forever family along side Phoebe also adopted through Greyhound Support Transport. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful!


Adam poured on the charm and now has his forever home with experienced owners and a little pal to snuggle with. Congrats!


Happy Gotcha Day sweetie! Enjoy retirement and your new forever home.

Gotcha Day Kratos.jpg


Your patience paid off buddy! You are finally where you belong.

Payload & Dozier

poured on the double brindle charm and were adopted TOGETHER! Who could resist these two?!

All the Beers

has joined his forever home with a new Mom, Dad and 2 human brothers. Congrats Beers!


Happy Gotcha Day handsome! May all your retirement dreams come true!

Fire & Gasoline now known as FiFi

Happy Gotcha Day you beautiful redhead! You will have an amazing life with your Mom & canine sister NaLa. Let the shopping and adventures begin!

Like now known as Emma

Enjoy your new retirement home. You'll have an pawsome life!


You have found the best home where you will get all the love, snuggles and attention you need and deserve. Happy Gotcha Day!!

Cannon gotcha.jpeg


Sweet boy! Happy Gotcha Day! You have a new buddy named Visa to run and play with. Maybe he has his own credit card!!!

How does Cannon's furever family describe him: "Cannon is so sweet. He definitely has our hearts."

Alvin Gotcha day.jpg


Your patience has paid off BIG TIME handsome boy! Your new Dad adopted Smokey from GST a little while back. And now you have a brother and an awesome forever home! Congrats!

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