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Finding the perfect home sometimes takes a little bit longer, sometimes requires alot of planning, incurring unexpected cost, and sometimes traveling across several states to someone who can provide the right environment.

Honduras having high levels of anxiety, resource guarding and extreme independence made for a difficult placement. She experienced two homes with individuals who assured they could handle her behaviors but decided they could not. Honduras is now in the right home and environment but it took a lot of dedication from our volunteers to get her there from FL to TX! That also came, as you can guess, at a big expense!

Volunteers Heather Smith and Leslie Balcerak started Honduras’ tranport in West Palm Beach in a rental van so we could ensure she was comfortable and safe, stopped in North FL to pick her up where she’d been staying on a farm, drove to Mississippi and stopped for the night. The next morning they continued on to Texas where they met up with her adopter and made the transfer. Once that was completed, they headed back to Mississippi where they again spent the night. The following morning, they hit the road early to head home. All told, that was 3 days, 5 states each way, 2400 miles, many gas stops, food, two nights in a hotel (one night going to Texas and one night coming back to Florida) and a rental van.


Would you please consider donating to her transportation? It was a big expense for this small adoption group but it was also the right thing to do to give her the quiet life she deserves. If you are unable to donate, please share her story. Thank you!

This is Honduras now acclimating to her forever home.

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Please consider donating to help our retired greyhounds find their forever homes. The dogs come fully vetted including spay/neuter, all vaccinations, dental cleaning and 1 year shot to protect against heart worms. This is a significant cost and any donation would be a great help. We also have an Amazon Wishlist if you would like to send our greyhounds a little surprise!


Request an application to foster a Greyhound at Benefits of being a foster: You get first dibs to adopt!! You can say you personally know a professional athlete. You can get a pawtograph from your foster, absolutely free. You will get lots of love from your foster. You are guaranteed to smile. Or fill out our application form and indicate that you are interested in fostering!

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